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november 1997 - june 2007
designer, art director, senior art director at forbes.com
as one of forbes.com's original 12 employees, i have been instrumental in helping it grow into a major player in web based business (15+M visitors/day) with 100+ employees. as web publication became sophisticated, i did everything, from handcoding every single page and creating spot art to writing and using proprietary custom management systems.
i was responsible for providing designs and coding asp pages that provided our first framework for forbes lists, data base driven applications based on forbes' famous in-print lists (forbes 400, billionaires, &c.)
as forbes.com started expanding, i became art director, the head of the design department and hired, managed and taught a team of three designers and an intern or two. i started to implement new design technologies such as css and flash. on the technological side i started to use jhtml on dynamo linked to an oracle database. i helped specify, write and test forbes.com's first content management system, a proprietary xml-to-html transformation machine, based on teamsite. i also became more serious about establishing and reinforcing branding for diverse sections of the site and about providing advertisement placement, as forbes started to monetize on the site.
a new hiring wave brought a new ceo, cto and creative director. i became senior art director, and my responsibilities shifted more and more from design to frontend application implementation, since i was the one with the most expertise in this field. in truth, with my background in mathematics and art, this is what i enjoy most. it has become ever more rewarding to work in a way that fuses design and programming, since applications and languages have matured. the applications that i have written in flash, javascript and extending fireworks (see examples on skills page), for instance, have no clear distinction between program and design. i actually design by coding. only if requested for demonstration purposes do i do photoshop mockups. usually the design grows with the code.
because of a constant shortage in staff and time in the tech team, i also tackled a number of pure programming projects, such as extending xslts for forbes.com's new (and entirely proprietary) content management system, rewriting parts of the registration process in jhtml and writing a perl publication system for forbes lists after its previous jhtml iteration had proved obsolete. that is to say, i can do these kind of things, but i like projects with a strong visual component much more.
november 1996 - october 1997
designer, coder, web master for lacan.com
few pages i did remain on this site, but one of my favorite projects ever can still be found here. for art begins moving i deconstructed several works by famous artists (with their permission) to create movement. the fonts look funny now, and the images are of poor quality by today's standards, but the essence remains.
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