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html, dhtml, ajax
~ · pjolley.com ajax site for artist & filmmaker patrick jolley to showcase his projects ~ · forbes.com javascript main navigation with dhtml layers, dropdowns and intelligence to work throughout entire site ~ · forbes.com attaché (log in via register link with uid tpuell, pwd tania) customizable right column throughout entire site - dhtml functionality: hide/show modules, detach/attach column, help on/off, &c.
flash, actionscript
~ · orgchart wiki flash wiki creates company charts based on user entered data ~ · best places for you customizable flash map to rate best places for singles ~ · should you get an mba? flash calculator to predict mba gain ~ · forbes.com video player smart flv player capable of communicating with ajax elements on page ~ · forbes 85th anniversary flash timeline (empty window is defunct ad) ~ · capital hospitality index · what it costs to live well · fund performance charts selection of data driven flash charts ~ · hangdan updatable flash hangman game.
fireworks extensions
~ · billionaire distribution charts · company vs. industry fever charts · student comparison bar charts · ceo compensation pie charts data driven maps/charts on these pages and their following ones created by extending fireworks.
~ · the forbes 400 · america's best big companies · best business schools · the business of baseball · best places for business forbes lists' sort pages, individual records and slide shows are all generated using my perl publication system.
more skills: photoshop, xml, xslt, asp, jsp, jhtml
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